The filthy and fun action series everyone’s watching on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


The filthy and fun action series everyone's watching on Netflix

If you’re searching for a wild ride filled with explosive action, outrageously raunchy humour, and a healthy dose of debauchery, look no further than Netflix’s latest series Obliterated. It is silly fun, albeit in small doses.

This American action dramedy has skyrocketed to the third spot on the global Netflix top ten list, capturing the attention of viewers in 90 countries, from the maple-covered landscapes of Canada to the sun-soaked shores of Croatia!

Created by the trio Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, Obliterated introduce an elite joint-special operations team comprising members from various branches of the US Armed Forces and intelligence services. Their mission: To thwart a deadly terrorist network set on obliterating Las Vegas with a nuclear bomb. The catch? The bomb they thought they neutralised turns out to be a decoy, plunging the team into a madcap race against time to find the real threat amidst a haze of post-mission revelry.

The cast brings this over-the-top and raunchy series to life. Nick Zano stars as Navy SEAL Chad McKnight, leading the ensemble alongside Shelley Hennig, who portrays CIA agent Ava Winters. The team includes Terrence Terrell as Navy SEAL Trunk, C. Thomas Howell as the eccentric Army explosive expert Haggerty, Eugene Kim as the straight-laced Air Force pilot Paul Yung, Paola Lázaro as Marine sniper Angela Gomez, and Kimi Rutledge as the nerdy NSA information expert Maya Lerner.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, the creators explained the show’s explicit content and why it found its natural home on Netflix.

Jon Hurwitz stated, “We always envisioned this as a Netflix series. Before we made Cobra Kai, we all came up [in the business] making R-rated comedies—Harold & Kumar, Hot Tub Time Machine, an American Pie movie—that kind of comedy where people laugh out loud and the shocking surprise of the comedy where anything can happen.” 

He further explained how Obliterated fills the space left by the lack of light fun shows on TV, “There aren’t enough of these in the TV space these days. So we had this idea of a supersized, R-rated summer blockbuster comedy merged with a big summer blockbuster action film—to mush those two things together into a seven-hour super-series. Netflix was the perfect home for this.”

Obliterated exploded onto the streaming scene on November 30th, 2023, delivering a heady mix of action, comedy, and mayhem that has left audiences around the world hooked. 

You can watch Obliterated on Netflix and catch the trailer here: