The filming locations for Netflix’s live-action ‘Resident Evil’ series
(Credit: Netflix)


The filming locations for Netflix’s live-action 'Resident Evil' series

Resident Evil has been the latest Netflix series stealing the headlines as the classic franchise takes on the live-action format to take a spooky look at the ravaging effect of the T-Virus. 

As ever with live-action horror outings, the fine details have been essential to the success. Whether that be through VFX and prosthetics or the stunningly dystopian setting, the crew on Resident Evil have done a good job of making the hellscape as realistic as possible.

The latter has drawn particular attention as fans have wondered, ‘Where the hell on earth looks like that?’ Well, South Africa’s fictionally named New Raccoon City where the bulk of the series takes place was indeed filmed in the South African city of Cape Town. 

Cape Town Film Studios were responsible for dressing up Umbrella and Wesker House, while various abandoned locations like the Werdmuller Center and Maitland Abattoir provided some authentic ramshackle scenery. 

The UK side of the series took place in London and Dover. These were filmed on location and then dressed up with effects in post-production to give the series its decrepit feel. 

As for the scenes shot on The University, the cast climbed aboard the Sarah Baartmen, which fittingly is usually used for environmental protection. Additional filming took place on the polar research vessel the S. A. Agulhas.

With the show already renewed for a second season, we’re bound to see more thrilling apocalyptic globe-hopping next time out too.