The essential Netflix releases to watch this weekend
(Credit: Netflix)

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The essential Netflix releases to watch this weekend

We know we shouldn’t, but everybody loves something new. That fresh new shoe smell, the ASMR satisfaction of peeling off that impossibly thin plastic wrapping on your brand spanking fresh TV, or that frisson of excitement you get when you see a movie that only came out a few months ago available to watch on streaming. 

Indeed, there are weeks when streaming services have little else to offer us than somewhat monotonous reruns of Peep Show or The Office, but this is not one of them. Netflix has three releases which should ahve everyone feeling a hint of excitement.

First up is Carter, an action thriller with a pretty great first trailer, Carter is somewhat of an unknown quantity, with the potential to be a diamond in the rough or indeed ‘yet another’ generic action movie. Helmed by the seasoned action director Byung-gil Jung, this is a tough one to call. 

The story follows a man who is thrown into a dangerous mission with no memory of his life at all. Having to escape death whilst trying to piece together his past, we’d definitely recommend giving Carter a shot.

Perhaps the biggest release of the week comes from Neil Gaiman and his astounding new release, The Sandman. Based on the adored book series by Neil Gaiman, fans of The Sandman are equally frantically excited and utterly terrified to watch the new Netflix series, with opposing expectations pinned on the hope that the show is a compelling watch. The trailers are promising, showing a gothic world of danger and decay where Dream, the personification of dreams, sets out to right the wrongs of his wrongful imprisonment. 

With an all-star cast that includes the likes of Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Jenna Coleman, Gwendoline Christie, David Thewlis and Patton Oswalt, this could be Netflix’s latest hit or its biggest disappointment yet.

Another big release for those music lovers out there is Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99. Netflix clearly realised that the combination of farce and music festivals was a match made in heaven following the successful release of Fyre in 2019, with their latest release, Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 being yet another dissection of an event turned horribly wrong. Promising peace and pure ecstasy, the revival of Woodstock in 1999 resulted in rage and riots across the event space, with the new documentary breaking down what exactly went wrong. 

For music fans or lovers of business, this is a must-watch, and if it’s anything like Fyre, then we’re in for a real treat, watching the chaos unfold in the safety and warmth of our own homes.