The ending of ‘The Snow Girl’ explained
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The ending of 'The Snow Girl' explained

The latest Netflix mystery, The Snow Girl, has had audiences hooked since its release at the weekend. The six-part Spanish series is adapted from Javier Castillo’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of the young journalist Miren, who becomes obsessed with helping a family find their missing daughter, Amaya. 

Notably, The Snow Girl jumps between various different timelines, with Miren conducting her own investigation different from the police’s. Helped by the experienced journalist Eduardo, after five episodes, Miren’s investigation starts to come together, with the circumstances surrounding Amaya’s disappearance emerging. However, some viewers need clarification on the final episode. 

The final instalment is set nine years after Amaya’s 2010 disappearance, and opens with Miren being questioned by the police. She then goes to visit Iris, the woman she believes has kidnapped Amaya. However, she is still unsure of the motive behind the crime.

Miren then visits Iris under the pretence of reporting about local people, but even after being let in her house, Miren remains uncertain that Amaya is in the property. The budding journalist then leaves and scopes the place out, but Iris is spooked by her visit and commands Amaya to pack up so the pair can escape. Miren follows them. 

Iris then decides to drive them off a cliff edge so she and Amaya can’t be separated. They crash through a barrier, and she is killed on impact. Miren then attempts to tell Amaya her real identity before she shoots her in the shoulder. The police eventually restrain Amaya. 

Amaya is taken to the hospital, but she does not recognise her biological parents, Ana and Álvaro. Eduardo then reveals Iris’ motivation for the kidnapping. The dead woman was once a patient of Ana, who was a fertility doctor. Not able to have children of her own, Iris stole Amaya. She has then raised the child locked away from society, brainwashed into deeming her captor her mother, with Iris changing Amaya’s name to Julia. 

In the end, Amaya is seen watching cartoons with Ana and Álvaro, but she doesn’t appear to have bonded with them as her birth parents. Their future is left on a cliffhanger.

The Snow Girl is available to stream on Netflix now.