These incredible easter eggs are hidden in ‘Glass Onion’
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These incredible easter eggs are hidden in 'Glass Onion'

Knives Out’s follow-up movie by Rian Johnson called ‘Glass Onion’ is currently streaming on Netflix. Daniel Craig literally kills it as the dashing detective called Benoit Blanc once again.  Ever wondered what the hidden easter eggs were that you might have missed? We got you covered!

In this movie, Benoit goes off to a Greek island to attend a party with a murder mystery theme. When an actual murder takes place at the party organised by billionaire Miles Bron played by Edward Norton.

The cast is bright and star-studded, with top performances from each iconic actor. Some of them are Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson, Jessica Henwick, Edward Norton, Ethan Hawke, Hugh Grant, and Dave Bautista.

The list really doesn’t end there. Others include Natasha Lyonne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Janelle Monae, Serena Williams, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. There are many others that aren’t mentioned here, but they gave an equally brilliant performance. 

The movie itself is named after a famous Beatles song, similar to its prequel. Knives Out was named after a famous Radiohead song itself. A possible hint at how the future names could also be chosen. 

Amongst every wild thing that is going on in the movie, viewers miss out on many things in the background. Best of Netflix is here to serve you a list of all these mini easter eggs you might have missed during the movie. This is your disclaimer to stop reading if you have not watched the film yet, as this ride is going to be filled with spoilers.

The effort to not give away too much and still maintain some mystery has been imminent. 

Top five hidden easter eggs in Glass Onion

5. Cain’s Jawbone 

As we witness a tired Benoit Blanc lying in his bathtub, there are several books spread across. Which, when one thinks about it, is interesting itself. Why keep books near the tub at all? However, what most missed out on was one of the puzzle books casually lying next to him.

This book, called Cain’s Jawbone is a puzzle book that hints at an unconventional course of events taking place in the movie itself.  The shot is subtle but carries a lot of weight 

4. Serena’s Gravity’s Rainbow 

Similar to the first movie, Gravity’s Rainbow has been mentioned yet again. While Serena carries on her cameo, she is seen to be holding a book. That book is the same that was mentioned in the prequel itself. Gravity’s Rainbow strikes again. Ironically Blanc was mentioning how no one ever that book. 

3. Miles, his character, and foreshadowing 

Right at the beginning of the film itself, Blanc plays all his cards right as he guesses the whole fake murder plot even before the game begins. Miles, the disappointed one, whines about how it took him aeons to plan this very elaborate fake murder mystery. His unoriginality is reflected in many ways throughout the film. Even when he wears outfits which have been done before and include the very successful company that he stole from his partner called Andi. 

Similarly to that, he also had hired the infamous Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn to design the fake murder that he so boisterously took credit for. The final key in this very fake game also foreshadows the final key to unravelling the real murder mystery this movie is based on. 

2. The Rothko Mashup

Anyone from the art world will easily be obsessed with colour connoisseur Mark Rothko. His depth in knowledge of colour and how it can impact and change the narrative of an empty box makes waves in the art scene to this day. Miles had one of the most problematic characters throughout the movie.

Portraying himself as a genius even though he isn’t. To focus on just how unoriginal he can be, John intentionally hung a very expensive painting in his set upside down. 

1. Mask macaroni 

Whilst all the characters started arriving in Greece, there was one very interesting visual element added that can also be considered early foreshadowing. In the film, in this very scene, most of the characters wore masks. 

A celebrated and gifted actress, Kate Hudson expresses how that was an intentional creative choice aimed at revealing the true natures of all the people on screen. How and when people took the lockdown protocols seriously, and how many of them actually did not care at all? 

If you have missed out on this charmer, catch Glass Onion streaming on Netflix now! Catch the trailer for it here!