‘The Crown’ fans celebrate Claire Foy’s season five cameo
(Credit: Netflix)


'The Crown' fans celebrate Claire Foy's season five cameo

With The Crown back on Netflix, fans of the long-running royal drama have welcomed the return of Claire Foy, who appears in the first episode of the new season. As the first actress to play Queen Elizabeth II, Foy is one of the show’s original stars.

The Crown is now on its fifth season and has returned with a brand new cast featuring the likes of Lesley Manville, Jonathon Pryce and Imelda Staunton. In the first episode, we’re shown black-and-white footage of the Queen (Claire Foy) unveiling the Royal yacht. The opening scene was intended to highlight the Queen’s (now played by Imelda Staunton) age. Like the ship itself, she is beginning to feel the impact of a lifetime of service.

Claire Foy played the Queen for the first two seasons of The Crown, earning the actress critical acclaim and two Emmy Awards. The second of those trophies was actually for her appearance in the series’ fourth season. Though this new cameo is just two minutes long, some viewers are convinced she’ll earn another award for the guest role. “WOW! Is Claire Foy coming for her second Guest Actress Emmy?” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Since Foy’s departure, the Queen has been played by two revered British actresses: Olivia Coleman and Imelda Staunton. Despite this, the show’s original star, who was pretty much unknown before The Crown, remains a firm fan favourite.

“Claire Foy in the opening scene of The Crown s5 I’ve won today,” one fan wrote, with another saying: “One second into The Crown season five and already a guest appearance by Claire Foy. you can’t outdo the doer!!!!!” You can watch the trailer for The Crown season five below.