The cliched Tyler Perry comedy storming Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


The cliched Tyler Perry comedy storming Netflix

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club has claimed the fifth spot on Netflix’s top ten films list globally. With a staggering 8.5million hours viewed in just one week, the film has garnered significant attention.

Donald Glover lampooned Perry’s filmography in the fourth season of Atlanta, putting a bizarre and dark lens on the filmmaker’s tendency to stereotype black characters and culture, recycle themes and plot devices to mass produce generic stories centred around black American folks. 

This satirical take underscored the broader sentiment that Perry’s work often sacrifices innovation for familiarity. And now, one of Perry’s most terribly cliched comedy films is storming Netflix.

Directed, written, and starring Perry himself, The Single Moms Club revolves around a group of single mothers from diverse backgrounds who come together under unexpected circumstances. The film features a cast that includes Nia Long, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Zulay Henao, Cocoa Brown, Amy Smart, and Terry Crews, among others. The film has faced harsh criticism for its reliance on clichéd humour and predictable plotlines.

Perry’s signature storytelling style, characterised by melodrama and moral lessons, has become a trademark of his films. The Single Moms Club is no stranger to the same formulaic approach that has earned Perry both praise and condemnation throughout his career. 

The Single Moms Club currently holds an approval rating of 18 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the film’s placement on Netflix’s top ten list is a testament to Perry’s ability to attract viewers, no matter what the critics of his work have to say.

One thing has been established: most viewers prioritise comfort watches after a long, hard day at work. Despite its detractors, the film’s success on the streaming platform suggests that Perry’s brand of comedy, for better or worse, continues to resonate with a significant audience.

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