The cast of ‘The Witcher’ pick out the scariest monsters from season 3 
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The cast of ‘The Witcher’ pick out the scariest monsters from season 3 

Netflix’s The Witcher has returned with the second part of its third season, with stars Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan returning to their roles. The show has also provided a new dose of monsters and antagonists. 

In an interview with Dexerto, the cast revealed the season three monsters they found the scariest. Allan shared that the flesh monster from the second episode disturbed her, to which Chalotra added, “Yeah that’s very disturbing… I’m more disturbed at how, where that came from: the mind, you know, that’s quite a thing to see”. 

Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier, explained how the monster was brought to life: “So with the flesh monster in particular, the performers were there and had a lot of the prosthetics on them, but then the rest of it was created around it and in post production.” 

He continued, “So the performers and the actors and the stunt actors were there giving everything, and then poor Henry’s [Cavill] fighting against all the stunt people in the lycra suits. But we only ever get to see it realised when everyone else does, really. So it’s kind of a perfect combination. You get to work with the talent and then get to see even more talent added to it in post production.” 

MyAnna Buring and Therica Wilson-Read both named human character Vilgefortz as the scariest character in season three. Buring explained her reasoning, citing, “the ultimate betrayal and the extraordinary depths he’s gone to mask his true intentions, how he’s played so many people in order to fulfill what he feels is his higher purpose, and the lives he’s willing to destroy in order to achieve that.” 

Wilson-Read concluded, “It feels like we’ve been on such a journey with him. In season one, you really do feel like he’s part of your family and that he’s fighting your corner. And his betrayal comes at the same time as just absolute destruction and losing so many people that you love, so it makes it even worse. It’s not just the betrayal of him; it’s catastrophic results.” 

The Witcher season three is available to stream now on Netflix.