‘The Brothers Sun’ cancelled by Netflix
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'The Brothers Sun' cancelled by Netflix

Streamer Netflix has cancelled another show, and this time, fans have been particularly enraged given that it only debuted at the start of the year and is celebrated for its entertaining and action-packed quality. 

Unfortunately, the comedy action series The Brothers Sun, is the latest title to get the chop from the streaming giant. It only premiered on January 4th and has an all-star cast. It follows the story of a Taiwanese criminal family in Los Angeles, as the youngest brother, Bruce, discovers that the eldest, Charles, is a gangster. After an assassination attempt on their crime boss father, Charles attempts to save his brother and mother from oblivion. 

The show stars Justine Chien as Charles, Sam Song Li as Bruce, and most notably of all, Michelle Yeoh as Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun. Elsewhere, the cast features Joon Lee, Highdee Kuan, Alice Hewkin, Jenny Yang, Madison Hu, Ron Yuan and Rodney To, as well as other famous faces. 

“At the end of the day, no matter who you are, you have a family, and you are not immune to the insecurity that comes from having a family that might be a little messed up,” Kevin Tancharoen, who directed five episodes, told Netflix. “But what also comes with those heightened experiences is a deep love, a kind of love that is unbreakable.”

The show was created by Brad Falchuk, the director of American Horror Story, alongside newcomer Byron Wu. Aside from the action elements of the series, it explores family dynamics with black comedy verve, as was widely acclaimed for this aspect. However, it is due to low viewership that it is being pulled. 

Other celebrated shows such as Glamorous, Ratched and Shadow and Bone have recently been cancelled by Netflix.

Watch the trailer for The Brothers Sun below.