The best Keanu Reeves film to watch on Netflix right now
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The best Keanu Reeves film to watch on Netflix right now

Keanu Reeves is a pop-cultural phenomenon. With his iconic beard and chin-length hair that adds to his wondrous aesthetic, Reeves is a highly accomplished actor whose superstardom has transcended any genre constriction. In fact, his widespread appeal stretches so far that his admiration is drawn not from his work as an actor but from his inner humanity. However, that doesn’t mean we can binge out on a classic Reeves film every so often.

A thorough philanthropist and extremely humble, Reeves’ career underwent a resuscitation – also known as Kenessaince – following his performance as John Wick in the eponymous film. The film would set him on the path to Gen-Z greatness, capturing the hearts and minds of a whole swathe of the audience.

Having initially started out in television, Reeves quickly ventured into the world of films before making a breakthrough alongside River Phoenix in Our Own Private Idaho. Reeves has appeared in countless films and has gained a cult-like fanbase who marvel at his personality and the ability to blend into any character he’s given. However, it is one of his more unlikely positions that we think offers the best viewing this week.

The 2015 film Knock Knock certainly isn’t the first picture one thinks of when daydreaming of Keanu Reeves’ filmography. However, it is still a classic piece of cinema, as the former Point Break star takes on the role of Evan.

A doting father and husband, Evan, finds himself alone at home for a weekend when two allegedly stranded young women knock on his door unexpectedly for assistance. Unable to say no, he lets them in. What starts off as mere kindness soon turns into a deadly game of seduction, violence and bloodlust as the young temptresses wreak havoc, threatening to disrupt his perfect life. A quiet weekend becomes a nightmare for him.

A remake of the 1977 film Death Game, Roth’s modern twist on the thriller genre is scintillating and horrifying. Reeves’ character has issues with fidelity, and it becomes too hard to root for him given the dark fantasies that send him down this rabbit hole. Although Roth’s writing can be a little patchy, the film is a flawed yet entertaining watch.

Watch Knock Knock on Netflix now.