The best Chris Hemsworth movies on Netflix
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The best Chris Hemsworth movies on Netflix

From thrilling adventures to intense dramas, the action star Chris Hemsworth has done it all and entertained his fans time and again over the years. Most associate him with the Norse god of thunder Thor, but Hemsworth has done a ton of film roles that go beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He got his big break in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, and then there has been no looking back.

Hemsworth has a bunch of films streaming on Netflix that showcase his talents well. Starting off the list is the highly anticipated sequel of the hit 2020 Netflix original, Extraction 2 (2023). Hemsworth reprises his role as Tyler Rake, a fearless mercenary on a daring mission to rescue the family of an infamous gangster. Directed by Sam Hargrave, this action-packed film promises to deliver yet another heart-pounding spectacle. Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili will be joining Hemsworth in the sequel.

Next on the list is Extraction (2020), directed by Sam Hargrave in his feature directorial debut. It is a gripping action thriller written by Joe Russo. The screenplay is based on the graphic novel Ciudad, which was co-written by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman. Hemsworth takes on the role of Tyler Rake, a former special forces operative turned mercenary, hired to save an Indian drug lord’s son from a rival Bangladeshi kingpin. Randeep Hooda, Golshifteh Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi, and David Harbour join Hemsworth in this adrenaline-fueled journey.

After diving into the duology, don’t miss Joseph Kosinski’s Spiderhead (2022), a psychological sci-fi thriller. Hemsworth portrays Steve Abnesti, the director of a unique prison program in the high-tech penitentiary called Spiderhead, where prisoners undergo mind-altering drug experiments. Hemsworth is joined by co-stars Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett.

In the war drama 12 Strong (2018), panned for a lack of depth or nuance, Hemsworth portrays Captain Mitch Nelson, who leads a Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. Based on Doug Stanton’s non-fiction book Horse Soldiers, this film highlights the camaraderie of soldiers fighting against the Taliban. The cast includes Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, Trevante Rhodes, and Geoff Stults.

In Blackhat (2015), directed by Michael Mann, Hemsworth plays the role of imprisoned hacker Nicholas Hathaway. He is enlisted by the Chinese government and the FBI to track down a dangerous hacker. Alongside the stellar Viola Davis, Hemsworth navigates the world of cyber espionage.

Finally, in the BAFTA-nominated sports drama Rush (2013), Hemsworth takes on the real-life character of James Hunt, a Formula One race car driver. Directed by Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan, this high-octane film explores the fierce rivalry between Hunt and Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Brühl.

The best Chris Hemsworth movies on Netflix

  • Extraction 2 (2023)
  • Spiderhead (2022)
  • Extraction (2020)
  • 12 Strong (2018)
  • Blackhat (2015)
  • Rush (2013)