Netflix’s ‘The Bastard Son and The Devil Himself’ gets cancelled after one season
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix's 'The Bastard Son and The Devil Himself' gets cancelled after one season

The news has come in that Netflix has turned down the option to make a second season of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself. The series had been based on the Half Bad book series by Sally Green and starred Jay Lycurgo, Nadia Parkes and Emilien Vekemans as the witches Nathan, Annalise and Gabriel.

The shows production company, Imaginarium, tweeted, “Half Bad is a show we are incredibly proud of, which gained stellar reviews, along with a fiercely loyal global fanbase. While we are disappointed not to continue the story, we have loved working with such a talented cast and crew on bringing our beloved show to life.”

The Half Bad author Sally Green also expressed her disappointment at the cancellation of the show online. She wrote, “So sorry that Netflix aren’t renewing the show. I’m grateful to all the wonderful people involved who have loved being part of something special. Thanks to them all.”

Jay Lycurgo penned an emotional statement and shared it online. It read, “Oh how there was so much more to tell. Me, Emilien and Nadia felt very emotional about the show’s end. We weren’t emotional about the decision. These things happen. But more emotional that we won’t be able to tell the story of Nathan, Gabriel and Annalise again. What a brilliant world Joe and Sally created. And these characters had a lot more to tell. But we move. Let’s be proud of the story they already told.”

The series tells of Jay Lycurgo’s character Nathan Byrne, the bastard son of a witch. When he discovers his true identity, he struggles to come to terms with following the profession of his real father and his friends also become wrapped up in turmoil. Sadly though, we will not see Nathan’s return to the screen.