The anime series ‘My Happy Marriage’ has been renewed for a second season
(Credit: Netflix)


The anime series 'My Happy Marriage' has been renewed for a second season

The anime series My Happy Marriage will be returning for a second season on Netflix. 

Expected to drop sometime in early 2025, the original anime series is an adaptation of the novel Hepburn: Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon by author Akumi Agitogi. The novel was later adapted into a Manga by the video game company Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy, who have in turn published four volumes so far.

A series synopsis reads: “Miyo Saimori is the eldest daughter of the noble Saimori family, but as the un-Gifted daughter of her father’s despised first wife, she’s treated like a servant by her stepmother and half-sister. When escape comes in the form of being offered in marriage to the infamously cold Kiyoka Kudou, Miyo barely has enough left in her to hope, assuming that because she lacks Spirit-Sight she’ll be rejected and die on the streets as her parents intended. 

Continuing, it adds: “But contrary to everyone’s expectations, Miyo is not universally loathed, and her betrothal offers her the most precious chance of all: to learn to stop hating herself”.

Announcing the news online, a translated statement from ‘watashino_info’ read: “It has been decided that the second season of the TV anime My Happy Marriage will be produced!

The second production decision visual drawn in conjunction with this announcement has also been released!! The cumulative circulation of the series has finally exceeded 8 million copies!!! Don’t miss out on the continuing “wata-kon” whirlwind!!!”. 

Netflix recently doubled down on its production of original anime content, with the recent live-action adaptation of One Piece performing very well on the platform.

Check out the trailer for My Happy Marriage below.