The animated Anna Kendrick movie being binge-watched on Netflix
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The animated Anna Kendrick movie being binge-watched on Netflix

Among the many vibrant animated wonders available on Netflix, few films tend to grab the attention of the youngest demographic as hard as Boss Baby.

The film that has secured its spot as another perennial favourite among the younger audience is Trolls (2016). Directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn, this animated gem has found its way into the hearts of kids across the nation. It has remained on Netflix US’s top ten films list for eight weeks, currently earning the tenth position on the chart.

Mitchell, known for his work on Shrek Forever After, and Dohrn, recognised for his contribution to Shrek the Third, teamed up to bring the vividly colourful and musical world of Trolls to life. The film boasts a star-studded cast, with Anna Kendrick lending her voice to the main character, Princess Poppy, and Justin Timberlake taking on the role of the grumpy yet endearing Branch.

Set in the magical land of Trolls, the film revolves around Princess Poppy’s quest to save her friends from the sinister Bergens, who believe that consuming Trolls brings them happiness. Joined by Branch, the two set out on a journey full of adventure, music, and self-discovery.

Kendrick’s portrayal of Princess Poppy brings an infectious energy to the character, making her an instant favourite among kids. But Trolls is more than just a visually appealing animated spectacle—it’s a feel-good flick that resonates with kids for several reasons.

The film’s vibrant animation, coupled with catchy musical numbers, creates an immersive experience that can captivate young audiences like few other distractions. Then, we have the themes of friendship, resilience, and the power of happiness woven into the narrative, hopefully delivering certain essential life lessons in an entertaining and accessible manner.

You can watch Trolls along with your young ones on Netflix. Nonetheless, catch the trailer here to make up your mind first: