The 5 best sex-positive shows on Netflix like ‘Sex Education’
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The 5 best sex-positive shows on Netflix like 'Sex Education'

Young people learn about sex from different media, namely porn, porn magazines, YouTube videos, columns, gossip etc. Television and films have a massive impact on shaping an individual’s notion regarding sex. While sex has been misrepresented on the audiovisual medium for too long, the films and shows are finally catching up with the term sex positivity with shows like Sex Education on Netflix. 

While shows like Sex and the City have helped do away with the stereotypes and start a positive and frank conversation about sex, the shows and films in recent times have helped spark the sex-positivity renaissance. 

Sex positivity would refer to a movement that affirms and educates people about sex, normalising conversations about sexuality, consent, identity, safe sex etc., while doing away with the general misconceptions and stereotypes regarding the same.

Like Sex Education, there are various sex-positive shows on Netflix that deserve your rapt attention. Here are five such shows that you must stream on Netflix:

The 5 best sex-positive shows on Netflix like ‘Sex Education’

5. Wanderlust (Nick Payne, 2018)

Although snail-paced, this British series starring Toni Collette, Steven Mackintosh, Anya Chalotra and others is a heart-wrenching examination of marriage and sex as it constantly questions fidelity, monogamy and other social constructs surrounding marriages while throwing into the mix healthy amounts of open marriages, sex and emotional upheavals. 

The series revolves around a psychoanalytic therapist who embarks on an exciting yet awkward journey of open marriages with her husband, which helps examine the effect of sex on our lives in terms of hierarchy, control, power play, physical and mental wellbeing etc.  

4. Easy (Joe Swanberg, 2016)

Starring Orlando Bloom, Dave Franco, Emily Ratajkowski, Elisabeth Reaser, Malin Akerman, Marc Maron, Hannibal Buress and others, this eight-episode anthology series is one of the funniest and best sex-positive shows on Netflix. 

Every episode follows a separate pair as they navigate modern relationships in Chicago, involving the current cesspool of relationships, sex, culture, technology and more. From open marriages to infidelity to voyeurism, the show has a bit of everything with a tinge of humour, making it a brilliant find on Netflix. 

3. I Am Not Okay With This (Jonathan Entwistle, 2020)

Based on Charles Forsman’s eponymous graphic novel, the series starred Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Sofia Bryant, Richard Ellis and others. Across seven episodes, the show revolves around an awkward teen who tries to come to terms with her telekinetic powers while reeling from the tragic loss of her father to suicide. 

Providing a deeper insight into the predicament of teenagers in high school, family problems, past trauma and budding sexuality, the show infuses humour and elements of the supernatural to form a sex-positive sci-fi show for graphic novel enthusiasts.  

2. Big Mouth (Gabe Liedman, 2017)

Insecurities and anxieties in puberty are personified into monsters on this quirky show which revolves around a group of teenagers who are overwhelmed by the onslaught of the raging hormones during adolescence which leads to often unwelcome emotional and physical changes. 

Raunchy yet relatable, this sex-positive series presents a journey of self-acceptance as it presents various middle-schoolers get entangled in a web of horny classmates, menstruation, masturbation, unwanted erection, mood swings, academic and peer pressure, family conflicts, interpersonal drama and social media addiction.

1. Tuca & Bertie (Lisa Hanawalt, 2019)

Voiced by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, the series revolves around the titular anthropomorphic birds, Tuca, a toucan, and Bertie, a song thrush, as they navigate through life as 30-year-old women, dealing with social and interpersonal relationships and friendships. 

A brilliant depiction of adulthood and several mature themes, the show is reminiscent of BoJack Horseman in its characterisation and usage of humour. Extremely sex-positive, the series is a must-watch for women as it shows the characters dealing with several problems, including dating, love, STIs and their body, as well as embracing pubic hair.