The 10 most popular foreign language films on Netflix this week: April 2022
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The 10 most popular foreign language films on Netflix this week: April 2022

Netflix is famous for providing the platform for some fantastic titles. It has become a household name around the world, but what are the most popular films at the moment, and just how big are they are. Coming in tenth place is the Spanish teen romance movie Through my Window. The film, starring Clara Galle, follows a girl who has had a crush on her next-door neighbour, but things turn into more when he starts developing feelings for her, despite his family’s objection.

The story has clearly been popular with fans of young love, with the film racking up 2.28 million hours from viewers worldwide. The German comedy, Fack Ju Gohte 3, has clearly been a hit with spectators worldwide, coming in ninth place. The film allows us to witness a bank robber become a teacher, recently released from prison and finds himself in the centre of several hysterical adventures. The movie was watched for a jaw-dropping 2.4 million hours by comedy devotees around the world.

The list takes a more serious tone now, with the Turkish drama In Good Hands being watched for a whopping 2.55 million hours by fans interested to learn about a single mother who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness as she grapples with the future of her headstrong six year old.

This Swedish action film, Black Crab submerges the spectator into an apocalyptic war. A reluctant soldier embarks on a desperate mission to cross a frozen sea carrying a top-secret cargo; this appealed to fans, with the show being watched for a massive 3.04 million hours.

From Sweden to India now, as we move on to the Indian film Dasvi, the comedy where we follow an uneducated politician who, after being jailed, decides to spend his time studying for high school while his wife has plans of her own. The Argentinian dramedy follows a famous meteorologist after he fails to predict a destructive hailstorm, fleeing to his hometown as a result. The film, All Hail, starring Guillermo Francello, has been a hit with viewers despite its different storyline, with the film racking up a huge 4.32 million hours globally.

When immense pressure threatens a ballerina in a new lead role, she and another dancer escape into a friendship that isolates them from the real world. The Spanish film, Dancing On Glass, starring Maria Pedraza, was a huge hit in Spain and around the world, racking up a massive 5.23 million hours watched.

In third place this week is the incredibly Chinese spy thriller Yakusha-Ruthless Operation was seen for a massive 16.38 million hours, as fans enjoy watching an upstanding prosecutor step into a deadly war between spies. This Italian romance/comedy, The Taming of the Shrewd follows a heartbroken scientist as she moves back home to to start over; her scheming brother has plans of his own, however. The film racked up a jaw-dropping 17.02 million hours worldwide, putting it in the prestigious spot of second place.

The Polish film, Furioza starring Mateusz Banasivk, has done incredibly well, drawing in fans and enquiring a massive 17.8 million hours as fans watch a policewoman make her ex-boyfriend an offer he can’t refuse, making it number one.

10 most popular foreign language films on Netflix this week:

  • Through my Window
  • Fack Ju Gohte 3
  • In Good Hands
  • Black Crab
  • Dasvi
  • All Hail
  • Dancing On Glass
  • Yakusha-Ruthless Operation
  • The Taming of the Shrewd
  • Furioza