The 10 best series to dive into now Pride is over
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The 10 best series to dive into now Pride is over

If you have had a good time celebrating Pride Month, then don’t let the good times stop now. Just because the month where we celebrate being ourselves has ended doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. As rainbows fill the sky and love takes centre stage. Here are the ten best Netflix series that will have you cheering, smiling, and falling in love. 

From beautiful coming-of-age stories to intriguing dramas and everything in between. The following list of series will surely sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting more. So get your popcorn and rainbow pillows ready for an exciting journey through stories that highlight the depth and diversity of the LGBTQ+ experience. 

It’s time to press the play button and journey into a world where love knows no limits and pride shines brightly on the little screen. Let’s toast our pride with a drink and a gorgeous list of series ready for you to tune into now. 

Find the full list below.

The 10 best series to dive into this Pride month

10. Feel Good (2020)

Feel Good is an engrossing Netflix show that masterfully combines humour and drama. This performance follows Mae, a talented comedian who is fighting addiction and finding her sexuality. It’s an authentic and honest portrayal of human struggles and self-discovery. Feel Good is a must-see series that will make you laugh, cry, and, ultimately, feel good because of its hilarious writing, outstanding acting, and emotional moments.

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9. Atypical (2017)

Atypical on Netflix is an honest and refreshing journey. This delightful series follows Sam, a high-functioning autistic adolescent, as he deals with puberty, dating, and gaining independence. Atypical is a must-see for its endearing characters, honest portrayal of autism, and excellent combination of humour and drama. It’ll warm your heart while leaving you wanting more.

Tune into Atypical on Netflix now.

8. Arcane (2021)

Arcane on Netflix promises to be a massive and visually stunning experience. This highly anticipated animated series rooted in the captivating universe of League of Legends brings to life the origin stories of renowned characters. Arcane is based on a fascinating and engrossing game. It will have both genre fans and newcomers on the edge of their seats owing to its magnificent animation, captivating plot, and deep world-building.

One of the best-animated series available on Netflix now.

7. AJ and the Queen (2020)

Prepare yourself for a fantastic, uplifting voyage with AJ and the Queen on Netflix. This charming sitcom follows Ruby Red, a drag queen with ambitions to create her club, as she goes on a cross-country tour with AJ, a feisty and street-smart orphan. AJ and the Queen is a feel-good comedy that celebrates love, friendship, and the power of self-discovery. It is filled with humour, sparkling performances, and a heartwarming relationship between its major characters.

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6. The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023)

Five new female and non-binary couples are facing a crossroads in their relationship. What happens when one partner is ready to settle down and marry, while the other has reservations? Find out at the newest Netflix queer reality tv show. A queer twist to the usual binary reality tv scene. 

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5. Dead End: Paranormal Park (2022)

Prepare to be terrified and enthralled by Dead End: Paranormal Park on Netflix. This riveting series takes you on a scary trip as a group of misfit teenagers discover an underground amusement park plagued by restless spirits. With its blend of intrigue, ghostly encounters, and a captivating story, this show will have you on the edge of your seat and looking for more unpleasant twists and turns.

The newest animated marvel for you to watch on Netflix.

4. Heartstopper (2022)

Based on Alice Oseman’s bestselling graphic novels, Heartstopper follows the uplifting love story of two lads, Charlie and Nick, as they negotiate the ups and downs of adolescence and their budding romance. This show will leave you with a warm, fuzzy sensation in your heart, thanks to its lovely characters, and honest depiction of LGBTQ+ issues. A heartwarming study of love and friendship.

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3. Pose (2018)

Enter the brilliant world of Pose on Netflix, a breakthrough series that celebrates the lively ballroom culture of New York City in the 1980s and 1990s. Pose explores the lives and ambitions of its varied ensemble cast as they negotiate love, identity, and perseverance in the face of tragedy against the backdrop of the LGBTQ+ and African-American communities.

2. Schitt’s Creek (2015)

This Emmy-winning comedy series follows the rich Rose family as they become bankrupt and are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a quirky tiny town. Schitt’s Creek gives unending laughter, heartfelt moments, and a lovely message about love, acceptance, and the significance of family with its superb writing, impeccable comedic timing, and charming characters. Prepare to accompany the Rose family on their amazing and joy-filled metamorphosis in this binge-worthy gem.

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1. Queer Eye (2018)

Brace yourself to be wowed by Queer Eye on Netflix. This touching reality show follows the Fab Five, a group of charismatic professionals, as they alter the lives of people who need a boost of confidence and a new perspective. Queer Eye will inspire you to embrace your true self and promote love and kindness in the world with its contagious cheerfulness, emotional moments, and celebration of self-love and acceptance.

Catch them on Netflix this pride season and celebrate all the colours in a rainbow at once.