Tennis star Naomi Osaka is “terrified” of her Netflix documentary
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Tennis star Naomi Osaka is "terrified" of her Netflix documentary

Naomi Osaka, the tennis star, has released a statement regarding her upcoming Netflix docu-series, claiming she is “terrified” of seeing the series come to our screens, “in light of everything that happened recently.”

Having recently withdrawn from the French Open after refusing to take part in a press conference, the 23-year-old explained she now was worried about how her docu-series will be received.

Osaka also missed this year’s Wimbledon meaning the docu-series is the first action from the star that her fans have seen in a while as she readies herself for a Tokyo Olympic campaign.

In a statement shared on social media, Naomi explained that the docu-series has been following her over the past two and a half years, capturing some of her most tumultuous times. “In light of everything that happened recently I was terrified of this being released,’ she said.

“This isn’t like a tennis match where I win or lose and from there people can say whether I did well or not. This is a look into my life from certain time periods and I can’t fight the feeling of wondering how will it be received.”

A fourt-time Grand Slam champion may well be expected to play under pressure, but it would appear that this unveiling is playing havoc with her nerves. She confessed that the series “is in some way my soul and a reflection of who I am.”

“I hope there are pieces that people can relate to and maybe other pieces that would help people understand why I make the choices I make. If it doesn’t that’s cool too, it took me a while but I realize that I can’t please everyone and I’m really not trying to.”

“I’m excited/nervous for you guys to see it,” she continued, “and I hope you enjoy it lol. Love you all and stay safe,” she concluded.