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Ted Sarandos reflects on the ten-year-anniversary of the first-ever Netflix Original

Netflix has been producing original content for a whole decade with February 6th, 2022 serving as the ten-year anniversary of the premiere of Lilyhammer, the first-ever Netflix Original. To commemorate the same, Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO of Netflix has released an essay, reflecting on the growth of the streamer ever since.

In his essay, Sarandos talked about how it was “an unorthodox choice” that still “worked because it was a deeply local story” that resonated with the audience globally. Since the jokes and references resonated with the local people, there began an increase in demand for more local content in various languages and regions. 

Although Netflix left a significant mark in Hollywood with the premiere of House of Cards, Netflix had acquired the streaming rights to the Norwegian crime-thriller show, Lilyhammer after it gained rights to the former series, 

Introducing Lilyhammer before the first season of House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, helped induce the “binge” model of television that began with the streamer’s release of exclusively original content. 

Starring Steven Van Zandt, Lilyhammer revolved around a gangster from New York and his escapades as he tried to begin his life afresh in an isolated town of Lillehammer in Norway. With three riveting seasons, The Sopranos fans often drew comparisons between the two series.   

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