Ted Danson and Stephanie Beatriz to star in Netflix comedy
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Ted Danson and Stephanie Beatriz to star in Netflix comedy

Mike Schur, creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has cast the familiar star of the comedy police sitcom, Stephanie Beatriz, in the upcoming Netflix series A Classic Spy alongside Ted Danson.

Beatriz played the no-nonsense detective Rosa Diaz for eight seasons. She starred alongside Chelsea Peretti, Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and the late Andre Braugher, with Schur executive producing and co-creating the hit comedy series.

Schur and Beatriz are now set to reunite on A Classic Spy, which stars The Good Place’s Danson as Charles, a retiree who acts as a mole in a secret investigation.

Beatriz will reportedly play Didi, the director of a Charles’ retirement facility, with the series seemingly based on The Mole Agent.

Charles gets a fresh start in life when he responds to an advert looking for a private investigator. The Mole Agent documentary had a similar plot, following an elderly man undercover to see if allegations of mistreatment at a nursing home were true.

As well as Danson, the cast will include multiple The Good Place alumni.

Eugene Cordero will play Charles’ son-in-law, Joel, Jama Williamson will play the upbeat activities director of the retirement home, Beatrice, and Marc Evan Jackson (who also starred in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) plays Evan, the client who hires the investigator for which Charles becomes a mole.

Watch a trailer for the film the upcoming comedy is based on, The Mole Agent, below: