‘Talk to Me’ ending explained: Does Riley survive?
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'Talk to Me' ending explained: Does Riley survive?

Directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, known as RackaRacka on YouTube, Talk to Me has been hailed as one of the scariest releases of 2022. From its eerie atmosphere to its spine-chilling performances, when this film arrived on Netflix, it quickly shot up to the top ten charts. Horror fans were intrigued and pleased with the thrills on display on this indie hit.

Talk to Me garnered critical acclaim and went on to gross of $91.9million worldwide against a modest $4.5 million budget. It became A24’s top-grossing horror film and second-highest-grossing overall, which is a mighty feat considering A24’s long list of hits. The film’s success has paved the way for a sequel that is currently in the works.

The story revolves around a group of teenagers who stumble upon a macabre discovery: a severed and embalmed hand with a mysterious ability to communicate with the dead. Led by a stellar cast including Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, and Zoe Terakes, the film plunges viewers into a world of supernatural terror and psychological suspense.

At the heart of the story is Mia, who is grappling with the trauma of her mother’s death and her strained relationship with her father. As Mia and her friends play around with the embalmed hand, they unwittingly unleash forces beyond their comprehension, leading to a series of terrifying events that test their bonds of friendship and sanity.

What happens at the end of Talk to Me?

As Talk to Me hurtles towards its nail-biting conclusion, Mia finds herself plunged further into a world of darkness and despair. Haunted by visions of her deceased mother and manipulated by malevolent spirits, Mia’s descent into madness reaches a crescendo of chaos and tragedy at the end.

When Mia’s father, Max, shows her the suicide note her mother, Rhea, left, Mia is unable to cope with the truth. She starts hallucinating that Max is attacking her and accidentally stabs him. The spirit possessing her, pretending to be Rhea, also adds to her catatonic state. 

This spirit also convinces Mia that Riley needs to die to be free of his possessions. Mia wheels Riley out of the hospital to push him into oncoming traffic. Riley’s sister, Jade, arrives just in time to save him. But Mia ends up jumping in front of traffic and ultimately dies. Her spirit roams the highway before transporting back to the hospital, where she sees both Riley and Max recovering. 

Ultimately everything goes dark around Mia’s spirit. Essentially, she becomes one of the lost souls. After an unknown amount of time, we hear a matchstick strike, a candle being lit, and a disembodied hand reach towards Mia’s spirit. She grabs on in desperation and emerges to witness the same embalmed hand being used at a house party in Greece. Things come full circle as she hears the words, “I let you in.”

You can watch Talk to Me on Netflix before the sequel hits the platform sometime in the future, and catch the trailer here: