‘Take Care of Maya’ star shares letter against “abusive” hospital during trial
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'Take Care of Maya' star shares letter against "abusive" hospital during trial

Maya Kowalski, whose story is the focus of the Netflix documentary Take Care of Mayahas shared a letter written during her hospital stay, detailing “how much” she “missed” her family.

When Maya was nine, she was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and separated from her family after staff believed the child’s symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) were false. 

When Maya’s mother, Beata, asked the hospital to give Maya more ketamine, the staff quickly became suspicious, believing that they were dealing with a case of Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome.  

Thus, a judge ordered Maya to be kept in the hospital, resulting in Beata committing suicide after 87 days of separation from her daughter. According to Greg Anderson, the Kowalksi family’s attorney, “Beata was trying everything legal, social, every possible way to get her child out and her child was not coming out.”

On September 26th, Maya appeared in court, where her lawyer argued that a letter she wrote while separated from her parents should be used as vital evidence in the case against the hospital.

The now-17-year-old claims the letter expresses “how much I missed them.” She told Fox13, “At the time, I desperately missed my family and wasn’t really able to have any contact with them. In this document, I’m expressing I miss them. I was extremely depressed.”

This story is currently ongoing.