Watch this tacky yet chart-topping sci-fi thriller on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this tacky yet chart-topping sci-fi thriller on Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of sci-fi films and keeps adding newer titles to their shelves. While some are indeed brilliant, others are unbelievably bad and trashy. One such 2021 release has now begun topping Netflix charts despite the horrible response it got from critics and audiences on its release.

With a flimsy 17 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this American sci-fi thriller Zone 414 marks Andrew Baird’s debut as a filmmaker, based on Bryan Edward Hill’s script. Starring Guy Pearce, Matilda Lutz, Travis Fimmel and Jonathan Aris, the film is an immense disservice to an actor of Pearce’s stature, most notable for his phenomenal performance in Christopher Nolan’s Memento

The sci-fi film is set in a futuristic world where the titular Zone 414 houses a colony of vicious humanoid robots. A private detective named David Carmichael is hired by the bizarre creator of the colony to look for his missing daughter.

Along with an A.I. named Jane, David ventures on a daunting quest where they stumble upon a terrible secret behind these mysterious forces and find out the true purpose of the colony of robots. 

While the film has been accused of heavily ripping off Blade Runner, its tacky content and lack of originality make it an eyesore, at least on the mind. Despite the beautiful visuals, the film fell short due to the lack of a concrete message or a distinct takeaway. 

However, Netflix viewers seem to be loving the film as it has begun climbing the charts in various regions. 

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