‘Stranger Things’ team up with Doritos for virtual concert ‘Live From The Upside Down’
(Credit: Netflix)


'Stranger Things' team up with Doritos for virtual concert 'Live From The Upside Down'

In a moment of brazen corporate sponsorship, the Netflix series Stranger Things has teamed up with cheesy crisp manufacturer Doritos to bring the world a virtual concert called Live from The Upside Down.

The backstory is as follows: around the time of ‘Doritos Music Fest ’86’, a tour bus on the way to the event crashed just outside Hawkins Indiana.

The musicians on board were then transported into another dimension, cutting them off from our world. Thankfully, Doritos managed to open a portal to The Upside Down, presumably using an especially sharp crisp.

Taking place on June 23rd, the virtual festival will feature ’80s acts such as The Go-Go’s, Corey Hart and Soft Cell. Charlie XCX, who was barely a glimmer in her father’s eye in the 1980s, will also perform.

Fans can gain entry to the virtual show by registering online or, get this, buying a bag of Doritos. Golden tickets have been hidden inside selected bags, giving fans the chance to win a replica of the guitar set to appear in Stranger Things Season 4.

The forthcoming seasons of Stranger Things premiere in two parts, with part one dropping on Netflix on May 27th and the second half following on July 1st. You can check out the trailer below.