‘Stranger Things’ prequel book tells the story of Eddie Munson
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'Stranger Things' prequel book tells the story of Eddie Munson

After fighting off demobats at the end of Stranger Things 4, Eddie Munson will be returning to fans…in hardback form. The upcoming novel Stranger Things: The Flight of Icarus is in the works detailing Munson’s upbringing before getting involved with the Hawkins gang and The Upside Down.

The story is being written by Caitlin Schneiderhan, who is currently working in the writer’s room of Stranger Things. It is going to be set in 1984 and involves Munson meeting a record producer to get his band Corroded Coffin off the ground.

Although Munson would eventually form the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High, one of the highlights of the last season was him playing a rendition of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ on top of his trailer.

Schneiderhan mentioned being excited for fans to see the different side of Munson, telling Entertainment Weekly, “I’m so excited for fans to go with him on his journey towards becoming a hero, to experience the messy and uncomfortable decisions that led him to become the brave misfit we all know and love”. Though Munson has become a fan favourite amongst Stranger Things viewers, there has been no updates about Joseph Quinn returning for next season.

Stranger Things 5 has been announced as the final season of the ragtag team in Hawkins, but no word on the release date yet.