‘Stranger Things’ finale was so popular it crashed Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Stranger Things' finale was so popular it crashed Netflix

It has defined an era of entertainment and season four has been as popular as any, so popular, in fact, that the volume two finale of Stranger Things actually caused Netflix to crash. 

The previous half of the season has racked up a whopping 930 million hours’ worth of streaming viewership and it would seem many of those fans all returned at once to catch the finale the very second that it landed on the platform. 

This ended up crashing the site as over 13,000 users complained that their eager viewing desires were disappointed by errors and issues as the site struggled to deal with the storm of one-way traffic. 

Having already broken all previous records by a consummate landslide, the show has become the biggest in Netflix history, and what’s more, the stellar reviews for the series prove that its commercial outreach is matched by its critical reception ensuring longevity for the legacy of the show. 

All of the errors and issues were promptly fixed by the streaming service after the initial outage spike. However, that didn’t stop fans from taking to social media to complain about the problems they faced. 

If anything, this shows how powerful the Stranger Things fandom really is. And who can blame them, with the threat of spoilers constantly circulating, it is essential viewing that you have to get out of the way in a hurry.