‘Squid Game’ star Jung Ho-yeon would “love” to appear on ‘Euphoria’
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'Squid Game' star Jung Ho-yeon would "love" to appear on 'Euphoria'

Being a part of one of the biggest TV series of all time seemingly isn’t enough for Squid Game star Jung Ho-yeon as she would also “love” to have a role in HBO Max smash hit, Euphoria.

The news comes via an interview Jung Ho-yeon gave to Entertainment Tonight where she revealed that she had been to the set of Euphoria in 2021 after being invited by the show’s star Zendaya. Now, the prospect of a crossover character feels like it could be on the horizon.

During the interview, Jung not only shared her love for the show, and its cast, but just how natural it felt for her to be on the set. “I visited the set of Euphoria and it was so nice to see the set because it’s been a while [since I’ve been on set] after Squid Game,” Jung said.

“It was weird because I felt so comfortable to be just sitting [around]. I am not a team [member] on Euphoria but I [felt] safe and comfortable.”

When pushed on whether she would like to become a team member on the set, Jung confirmed she would “love” to be a part of the cast. It came amid a flurry of questions about Squid Game during which the show’s director Hwang Dong-hyuk joked that he wanted to re-cast Jung for season two as her character Kang Sae-Byeok’s twin sister.

Kang Sae-byeok is a North Korean refugee whose resilience and perseverance on the show has helped her garner a massive fan following. She participates in the game to win the prize money to save her family and reunite with them across the border. After successfully completing the five games, Sae-byeok is injured fatally by the shard of glass and dies in the penultimate episode without putting up a fight. She meets her end when the ruthless and desperate Sang-woo stabs her.

Her unwavering courage and determination, despite being constantly intimidated by the disgusting Deok-su is commendable. Behind her tough facade lies a raw vulnerability surrounding her family that she reveals to Ji-Yeong by the end of the fourth episode. She is tough and courageous and her tragic death is a focal point of the series.

Watch the interview with Entertainment Tonight below.