BBFC say ‘Squid Game’ was the most complained-about series last year
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BBFC say 'Squid Game’ was the most complained-about series last year

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) has revealed Squid Game was the most complained-about television series of 2021.

Initially, the show was rated 15, but the board faced an array of complaints because it was easy for people under that age to access the series on Netflix. Furthermore, Squid Game was also criticised for its amplified depiction of gore and the extreme violence incorporated into the programme.

“Threat and violence at the 15 level were the main concerns, with some people also worried that children younger than 15 were viewing the series,” the BBFC revealed in the new report.

While talking about the findings, the report continued: “Our research has shown that violence occurring within a ‘real-world’ setting registers more strongly with viewers than that which is clearly stylised or fantastical. Squid Game largely takes place within a fantastical game show rather than a recognisable real-world setting.”

The BBFC also claimed that 91 per cent of parents and 95 per cent of teenagers believe streaming services should adopt the same age ratings as for theatrical and DVD/Blu-ray releases.

Currently, there are no legal requirements for online services to display age ratings. While it’s not necessary, Netflix provides a BBFC certification for releases, and also offers parental controls which can prevent children from being subjected to unsuitable programming.