Spotify’s new playlist can save you from ‘Stranger Things’ villain
(Credit: Netflix)


Spotify's new playlist can save you from 'Stranger Things' villain

As Stranger Things’ fourth season reaches ever closer to its climax with the imminent closing episodes, Spotify have stepped in with a playlist to help save any would-be victims of Vecna.

After a two-year gap, season four of the Netflix original has returned to its expected form. More so than in any prior season, these latest episodes have been enshrined by the glorious music of the 1980s. 

The first half of the fourth season introduced audiences to the new antagonist, Vecna, who has an involved backstory and a heavy connection to Eleven. 

The Stranger Things writers revealed that Vecna had been a patient at the same lab where Eleven was raised but had killed almost all the other children before El blasted him into the Upside Down.

The latest group of episodes were home to perhaps some of the most gripping scenes of the show to date. Perhaps the best scene so far is the one in which Max is trapped in the Upside Down with Vecna.

As Max is about to be absorbed into Vecna’s army, the others on the outside discover that they can communicate with her using the force of music. By playing Max’s favourite song, ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)’ by Kate Bush, they are able to help Max escape the Upside Down, something previous victims Chrissy, Fred, Patrick, and his own mother, didn’t manage.

Ahead of the closing episodes of season four, arriving today, Spotify has partnered with Stranger Things to let its users find the song that could save the group from the wrath of Vecna. 

This can be accessed by searching for the “Upside Down Playlist” on Spotify. The list contains the 50 songs your friends should try in the likely event you’re pulled into the Upside Down. The Spotify description reads: “Discover your personal playlist to help you escape from Vecna and the Upside Down.”

Each individual’s playlist is curated to include popular songs you have played, along with some similar tracks. Unlike Max, not all playlists are heavy with 80s pop. If you’re partial to a bit of rap, for instance, don’t be surprised to find a bit of Kendrick Lamar or Tupac on your playlist.

Check yours out below before Vecna returns today.