Spice Girls star is joining Holly Willoughby for new Netflix show
(Credits: Best of Netflix / Bear Grylls / YouTube Still)

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Spice Girls star is joining Holly Willoughby for new Netflix show

Spice Girl Mel B has recently announced that she is due to appear on Holly Willoughby’s new Netflix survival show, Bear Hunt. She is expected to have signed a six-figure deal to appear on the show and has now flown out to Costa Rica to appear on the ambitious reality TV program. 

The show is one of the most ambitious reality programs that Netflix, the streaming giant, has ever put out. It will see several competitors be taught survival skills by Bear Grylls, who will then be tasked with chasing them through the jungle. The contestants need to evade Grylls and make it to the other side of the jungle to win. 

Though the entire list of celebrities taking part is yet to be released, it is expected that Danny Cipriani, the retired rugby player, will be taking part. There will likely be a fun mix of celebrities who can bring different approaches to evading getting caught involved.  

When they announced Bear Hunt, Netflix said: “Bear [Grylls] believes there’s an action hero inside us all – even the celebs – but how strong is their will to survive?” 

They continued, “As Bear puts them through their paces, those who fail to impress will face the dreaded ‘Bear Hunt’ – a brutal game of cat and mouse where they’ll be hunted down and, if captured, eliminated from the show.” 

Mel B is expected to get married to hairdresser Rory McPhee at St. Paul’s Cathedral later in the year. She allegedly told her friends she was doing the Netflix show to pay for her upcoming wedding. “As I have an MBE, I am allowed to marry at St Paul’s,” she said. 

Mel B has also confirmed that the Spice Girls will be in attendance for the wedding, saying, “They won’t be bridesmaids though; we are all too old.” 

This story is still developing as details surrounding the reality program are being kept under wraps. More information will be revealed closer to the show’s release date.