Simon Cowell signs huge Netflix deal for new show
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Simon Cowell signs huge Netflix deal for new show

Famed music mogul and television personality Simon Cowell has reportedly signed a colossal deal with streaming giants Netflix to produce a brand-new television talent show. The ever-modest Cowell has opted to name the programme Simon Cowell: Midas Touch.

Of course, Cowell is something of an expert when it comes to television talent shows, having spent much of his career playing the part of a judge on shows like The X Factor, Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and all of their American counterparts too. With this newly announced talent show, Cowell is apparently attempting to replicate the success of peak X Factor artists like One Direction

During the mid-to-late 2000s, the pop charts were dominated by X Factor or Pop Idol contestants, with the winners of the shows often achieving a Christmas number one single following the series’ conclusion. However, the entire format of television talent shows has waned somewhat during recent years. 

The X Factor has not been on the air in the United Kingdom since 2018, but its last notable winner came in 2012 when James Arthur took the top spot. The decline in popularity for Cowell’s programming reflected wider changes in television trends and, more so than anything, a fatigue with reality TV and the talent show format. 

It is, at the time of writing, unclear how Simon Cowell: Midas Touch will differ from the plethora of other talent competitions Cowell has been involved with. However, with the programme being hosted by a streaming service rather than a conventional television network, it is likely that many of the usual tropes – such as live voting – will be much more difficult to pull off.

Solid details surrounding the format and content of Midas Touch are, at current, sketchy. One thing that does seem sure, however, is that Cowell will commence the production very quickly, with singing auditions planned for Newcastle July 4th and 5th, followed shortly thereafter by Liverpool, Dublin and London.

Thus far, neither Netflix nor Cowell have announced a release date for Midas Touch, but with auditions due to take place very shortly, it seems likely that it will be hitting the streaming service some time later this year.