Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ has been adapted into a manga
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Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ has been adapted into a manga

Season four of the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Sex Education, is just around the corner, and now the series has been adapted into a manga series, which will provide fans of the show with a unique view of Moordale Secondary School.  

The first issue of the manga series has already hit the digital shelves, released on July 15th. It is now available on Kadokawa’s Comic Bridge website. John Tarachine has illustrated the manga, which will explore how characters Otis, Maeve and Eric – among others – face the challenges of being teenagers and will not stray too far from the themes of the original series.

Sex Education focuses on the life of Otis Milburn, whose mother is a sex therapist. Initially embarrassed of his mother’s role, he starts a sex therapy clinic at school, where he discusses all manner of things to do with sexuality, gender and sex with the help of his friends Maeve and Eric.

It was recently announced that beloved characters Ola, Olivia and Lily would not be returning to the show for season four. Hopefully, the announcement of the manga adaption will lighten the sad news of their non-return.

Sex Education has had excellent reviews since its first season in 2019, particularly concerning its mature spin on taboo subjects such as abortion, teen pregnancy and sexual experimentation, which made the show a massive hit amongst teenagers and adults alike.

The first three seasons of Sex Education are available to stream on Netflix, though the release date for season four has not yet been announced. The English version of the manga is also yet to be announced, though it is likely to be revealed soon, considering the originating TV series is in English. Rumours of an anime version of the show have also been circulating online.