The series leaving Netflix this week: April 2023
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The series leaving Netflix this week: April 2023

April is proving to be a big month of removals over on Netflix, and several high-profile films and TV series have already been taken off the streaming catalogue, including Forrest GumpGreaseThe Lord of the Rings and Minority Reports. In terms of the series being taken away this week, there are only two entries.

The first is Cuckoo, which will leave Netflix on April 19th. The British sitcom first aired on BBC Three in 2012 and moved to Netflix in 2016. It’s written by Robin French and Keiron Quirke and stars Andy Samberg, Taylor Lautner, Andie MacDowell and Greg Davies.

The synopsis for the show reads, “Rachel shocks her proper British parents when she marries an American hippie, but it’s just the first in a series of surprises for the family.” Samberg plays the American Cuckoo, and the first season of the show begins with the family’s daughter Rachel returning from a year-long trip in Thailand wedded to the irritating Cuckoo.

The other series leaving Netflix this week is The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show, and fans have until April 21st to finish watching it. The animated series is produced by DreamWorks Animation and Bullwinkle Studios and is based on ‘Peabody’s Improbable History’, segments from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.

Series leaving Netflix this week:

April 19th

  • Cuckoo

April 21st

  • The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show