Netflix reveals ‘Selling Sunset’ season six trailer
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix reveals 'Selling Sunset' season six trailer

The trailer for season six of Selling Sunset, the real estate reality TV show on Netflix, has now been released. It will see Chrishell Stause begin a new relationship with G Flip and Jason Oppenheim move into a new place with his girlfriend, Marie-Lou.

Season five of the show ending with Chrishell and Jason bringing their relationship to a close. Chrishell told co-star, Emma Hernan, “He just told me that he doesn’t want to have kids, so as much as this hurts me to say, I’ve been clear with him what that would mean, so we are done.”

She added, “We broke up. I’m just disappointed. I just feel like you never have it figured out, and I guess that’s the life lesson. And I should know better at this point, but I thought this was it.” This season will see the duo move on to new relationship frontiers.

In the season finale, Chrishell said, “I do not want to cry about a man. We entered into this with, like, knowing that this was the case; I knew this going into it. But it’s one of those things where I do need space to help myself detach. This sucks. I don’t know if we can keep working together.”

Check out the trailer for the new season below.