See Meryl Streep’s hilarious outtakes from ‘Don’t Look Up’
(Credit: Netflix)

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See Meryl Streep’s hilarious outtakes from ‘Don’t Look Up’

Meryl Streep has already been praised for being a tremendous performer from here to the sun, in languages that do not even exist, and still film writers try to find words to wax eloquent about her.

Recently, her exceptional comedic talents in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up earned her heaps of more praise. She channelled a more comical version of Miranda Priestley (her iconic Devil Wears Prada fashion boss), revealing a side of her acting repertoire seldom explored. 

Shortly after the film’s release, Netflix released outtakes from the film, highlighting Streep’s improvisation skills during the Oval Office scene, which left McKay and the crew astonished. Streep portrays President Orlean in the doomsday dramedy Don’t Look Up, which explores a satirical take on politicians dismissing global climate concerns. Her character amalgamates traits from various real-world figures, creating a ludicrous yet captivating portrayal that only Streep could deliver with such finesse.

McKay commended Streep, who also has an unexpected nude scene in the film, as a “gobsmackingly good improviser,” recounting the first Oval Office scene where she delivered an astounding 20 to 25 completely different and absurd phone call improvisations at the start of each take.

The video showcases snippets that didn’t make the final cut, offering viewers a glimpse into Streep’s comedic genius. From remarks about her son’s age to hilarious commentary on cosmetic enhancements, Streep is on a roll. McKay emphasised that Streep never repeated any of the jokes during the improvisations. 

Despite Streep not earning an Oscar nomination for her role, Don’t Look Up made a notable mark at the 2022 Oscars, securing four nominations in different categories. However, the film didn’t win anything that year. CODA beat films like Dune, Belfast, and Licorice Pizza at the 94th Academy Awards in 2022.

You can watch Don’t Look Up on Netflix and catch Meryl Streep’s exceptional comic streak on display right here: