Season nine of ‘Suits’ gets Netflix premiere date
(Credits: USA Network)

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Season nine of 'Suits' gets Netflix premiere date

The immensely popular US legal drama Suits premiered on USA Network in June 2011. After attracting a broad following within just a few episodes, the first season set the stage for domination over the ensuing decade. The series came to a satisfying close in 2019, with creator Aaron Korsh pouring his aspirations into the spin-off series Pearson. 

Suits is set at a fictional New York City legal practice and follows the stressful lives of high-profile lawyers as they navigate dramatic cases. The story mainly revolves around Mike Ross, a college dropout with a photographic memory who gets a job at Pearson Hardman despite never attending law school. 

As the final instalment, season nine saw the return of the main cast members for a final flourish of courtroom drama. The prior seasons had adhered to a six-episode limit, but Korsh helmed a bumper season of ten episodes for a final goodbye to fans. 

In season nine, Korsh brought a satisfying close to long-developed narratives and character arcs. For example, Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen finally make their relationship official and Louis Litt marries Sheila Sazs, with the former preparing for fatherhood alongside his stressful job. 

Many fans who have been enjoying Suits on Netflix may have missed out on season nine, since the finale has been missing from the platform in the US. However, Netflix has now announced that the final season of Suits will arrive on July 1st. 

Tudum made the announcement during a panel at ATX. Although Suits concluded in 2019, Netflix has facilitated its ongoing popularity. In the summer of 2023, the show reached Netflix’s weekly top 10 ranking after its addition to the platform. 

Alongside the arc conclusions, plenty of drama is left to play out in season nine. Most notably, after Robert Zane saved Harvey by going down with Bar Association, Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams is left in a precarious position with plenty of wrinkles to iron out.