Sadie Sink’s favourite song in real life
Credit: Gage Skidmore


Sadie Sink's favourite song in real life

Max Mayfield might have a wild obsession with Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ in Stranger Things but what is Sadie Sink’s actual favourite song in real life?

Even now, as you read this, your head will definitely be filled with the sound of Kate Bush hollering, “It doesn’t hurt me, oh yo yo yo, Do you want to feel how it feels?” as the opening lines of ‘Running Up That Hill’ burst into your head like a Mind Flayer from the woods. 

The track’s inclusion in season four of Stranger Things has sent it skyrocketing up the charts. This resurgence is a sign of three things: the strength of the Stranger Things fandom, Sadie Sink’s emotive skill as a quality character actor, and the brilliance of the show itself. All the music choices are perfectly considered and ‘Running Up That Hill’ is no different. 

However, while Max Mayfield might be head over heels with a love for Bush, her actual music tastes are slightly different from her character’s. When speaking with ELLE magazine, the up-and-coming Stranger Things star declared that she preferred 1990s culture to the synth sounds of the 80s during which the show is set. 

Speaking of her favourite tracks, Sink said: “I have like a playlist with all my favourite songs on it. Sadie’s Playlist is the soundtrack of my life.” The playlist is filled with 90s Britpop hits like ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis, Californian rock such as ‘Under The Bridge’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the quintessential 90s R&B anthem TLC’s classic ‘Waterfalls’. As she quite simply put it, “I love the 90s.”

However, Sink’s favourite song comes from 2006 and it’s an early family-friendly classic from her childhood. “This one, maybe not everyone would know, but I love this song,” Sink added. “I used to listen to it when I was little, but it’s the Jack Johnson song called ‘Upside Down’. It’s from Curious George or something like that, but I love that song.”

The charming little ditty is indeed from the Curious George soundtrack, but she already knew that really. The song saw the Hawaiian surf star and acoustic musician Jack Johnson soundtrack the life of a playful monkey with the album Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George. The record came off the back of his album In Between Dreams which achieved global success in 2005. 

And as for her karaoke jam, she might not be hitting the literal high notes of Kate Bush, but she is in the clouds in another sense. “Me and my brother were singing ‘Defying Gravity’ the other day from Wicked,” Sink confessed. “That was interesting.” It certainly sounds like something we’d love to hear.