Rory Kinnear’s ‘Bank of Dave’ given sequel by Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)

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Rory Kinnear's 'Bank of Dave' given sequel by Netflix

In a somewhat unexpected turn, the recently released Bank of Dave, a Netflix original movie, has been given a sequel.

The movie was released on January 16th, 2023, as a biopic of the Burnley man Dav Fishwick. At the centre of the story, Fishwick defied the conventions of modern banking by setting up his own community bank in one of the few feel-good stories of the financial sector.

Bank of Dave enjoyed a star-studded cast with Joel Fry, Phoebe Dynevor, Rory Kinnear, Hugh Bonneville, Paul Kaye, and Jo Hartley all picking up warm roles. The film was a huge hit for the streaming platform.

It maintained a position within the top ten of the Netflix most popular charts for 22 days in the United Kingdom and that success may have been the reason for the streaming giant now greenlighting a sequel to the original movie.

Produced by Tempo Productions and Future Artists, the new movie is called Bank of Dave: The Sequel and will see the return of director Chris Foggin. The platform’s short synopsis reads: “This sequel to Bank of Dave sees Dave Fishwick taking on a new and more dangerous adversary: The Payday Lenders.”

The sequel will follow the true story of Fishwick as he also took on the payday loan groups as part of a Channel 4 documentary.