Robert De Niro series ‘Zero Day’ is halted by Netflix amid writers’ strike
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Robert De Niro series 'Zero Day' is halted by Netflix amid writers' strike

The production of new Robert De Niro series, Zero Day has been halted by Netflix amid the ongoing Hollywood writer’s strike.

According to Deadline reports, the cast and crew were allowed to go home this week and leave the set with no return date in view. De Niro stars in the new series that includes Joan Allen, Jesse Plemons, Lizzy Caplan and more in the cast.

The series follows De Niro’s Mullen, who is dragged out of retirement to begin an investigation on a global conspiratorial cyberattack. The thriller will run for six episodes if it can resume shooting amid or after the strikes.

Helmed by the Writers Guild of America, the strikes have affected numerous productions, including Stranger Things, since the 11,500 members elected to go on strike last month following failed negotiations with Hollywood studios.

The series “asks the question on everyone’s mind –– how do we find truth in a world in crisis, one seemingly being torn apart by forces outside our control?” according to the official logline. “And in an era rife with conspiracy theory and subterfuge, how much of those forces are products of our own doing, perhaps even of our own imagining?”

“As a life-long fan of American cinema, no actor looms larger for me than Robert De Niro,” creator Eric Newman told Netflix. “To have him as a producing partner and star in this show is beyond our wildest dreams. I’m grateful to Netflix for their continued faith and support and thrilled to be in business with the amazing creative team of Noah, Lesli and Jonathan on this timely (and terrifying) series.”

It’s part of an action-packed list of series coming soon to Netflix.