Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ getting 2025 Netflix animated adaptation
(Credit: Netflix)

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Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ getting 2025 Netflix animated adaptation

Netflix are making an animated film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s iconic children’s book The Twits. The feature-length movie will arrive on the streaming service at some point in 2025, with a strong team behind the project.

The Ralph Breaks the Internet and Zootopia Academy Award-nominated director Phil Johnston will be taking charge of The Twits, while Katie Shanahan and Todd Demong will also join as co-directors.

Johnston is also writing the script with Meg Favreau and is producing in partnership with Maggie Malone. Jellyfish Pictures will be the company to oversee the production of the adaptation.

Netflix are planning to bring several of Dahl’s books to life on their service, including Wes Anderson’s version of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and an animated version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Twits focuses on Mr. and Mrs. Twit, the owners of a dilapidated and dirty theme park, Twitlandia. The film will see two orphans and a number of magic animals tasked with saving the city from the pair.

The Twits was my favorite book when I was a kid,” Johnson said in a statement. “I love the Twits and their terrible tricks. I love that they lack self-awareness and personal hygiene and any inkling of human decency.”

He added, “And I love this movie because it reminds us that twits like the Twits, whose default emotions are anger and vengeance, can’t be allowed to win in our world.”