Richard Gadd reportedly offered new Netflix deal
(Credits: Netflix)


Richard Gadd reportedly offered new Netflix deal

Netflix appears to be very keen to keep a hold of Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd and is said to have offered him a seven-figure deal to have him create more shows for the streaming service following the success of his debut TV show.

Baby Reindeer topped the Netflix charts back in April this year and spent a whole month on top, subsequently becoming the streamer’s 10th most-watched series of all time. Based on Gadd’s real life, the show tells of a failing comedian who becomes stalked by an obsessive older woman.

Gadd’s show gained even more traction and notoriety when a woman by the name of Fiona Harvey came forward and said that she was the inspiration for the character of Martha and began legal proceedings against Gadd after claiming she had been incorrectly portrayed.

A source close to the new deal between Gadd and Netflix recently told The Sun, “This is not a done deal, with both the streamer and Richard negotiating the details of a contract which would see him start work on a new show as soon as possible.”

However, the source went on to say that the fact that Gadd has been offered a sum of seven figures “reflects just how much Netflix want to keep him ‘in house’ following the incredible response to Baby Reindeer,” which has indeed becoming vastly popular and impressive.

“They are hoping they can come to an agreement that will see Richard produce a string of shows for them,” the source added, “which could prove just as successful and thought-provoking.” Gadd’s next project, though, is a new short film called Truth Serum, which has been picked up by the streaming service Omeleto.

The synopsis for the short, which focuses on a group of dinner party-goers taking a truth serum as the title suggests, reads, “When ugly truths start to emerge, chaos reigns and threatens the relationships of old friends.”

In addition, Gadd has also been confirmed to be taking on Lions, a co-production between the BBC and HBO, with BBC director of drama Lindsay Salt noting, “We are delighted that HBO are joining us to bring Richard Gadd’s exquisite Lions scripts to the screen. This is bold, brilliant, one-of-a-kind storytelling, and we can’t wait for viewers to see it.”

So it looks as though because Gadd has received such interest since the release of Baby Reindeer, Netflix are trying their best to tie him down to the service and make productions solely for them.