Richard E. Grant joins Netflix’s ‘Thursday Murder Club’ cast
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Richard E. Grant joins Netflix's 'Thursday Murder Club' cast

Given the unavoidable and enduring success of Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club – a series of crime novels which began in 2020 – it was only a matter of time before Netflix came knocking. The streaming giants are currently producing a film based on the book series, which already boasts a star-studded cast and impressive production crew. 

Filming is reportedly already underway on the project, which has been co-produced by Netflix and Amblin Entertainment. The film aims to tell the story of Osman’s incredibly successful novels, which hit the shelves in 2020 and have since spawned three follow-up books. Interestingly, Amblin purchased the film rights to the novel series prior to the release of the first book, so this film has clearly been in the works for some time.

Initially, Oliver Parker was announced as the director for the project, though he has since been replaced by the more experienced Chris Colombus. The cast for Thursday Murder Club also reads like a who’s-who of British and Irish acting royalty, including the likes of Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Kingsley, Celia Imrie, and David Tennant, among many others.

Now, many more iconic names have been added to the growing cast of the project. As reported by Deadline, the latest influx of actors into the film’s cast include Richard E. Grant, Tom Ellis, Geoff Bell, Paul Freeman, Sarah Niles and Ingrid Oliver. Richard Osman himself has previously described the cast as “the greatest British cast assembled since the [Harry Potter] movies.”

The unveiling of more names joining the cast, including Richard E. Grant seems to suggest that Osman might not have been so hyperbolic in his statement. Certainly, it is difficult to remember the last time a British production had a cast so saturated with stars. 

Readers of the series will already be aware that the story follows a group of people living in a retirement home who form a club to solve murders, and soon find themselves enmeshed in a very real murder case. The core members of this club are set to be played on-screen by Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley, Celia Imrie and Pierce Brosnan.  

At the time of writing, no solid release date for Thursday Murder Club has been announced by Netflix, but it is thought that the film will hit the streaming service at some point later this year.