Revisit Millie Bobby Brown’s beautiful cover of ‘Imagine’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Revisit Millie Bobby Brown's beautiful cover of 'Imagine'

As the fourth season of Stranger Things took the total viewing hours of the show past the 1 billion-hour mark, we thought there was no better time to look back at one of the show’s stars and her incandescent talent for singing. Eleven, or Millie Bobby Brown, is one of those incredibly talented individuals.

Millie Bobby Brown may well have been thrust into the limelight with her captivating performance as Eleven, the central telekinetic hero of the show, but she is incredibly talented in other fields too.

For some time, during the series’ initial release, Millie Bobby Brown was operating as an unknown talent. It meant she kept her routine pretty simple and had her own YouTube channel like any teen at the time. The channel was primarily full of Brown singing her heart out to memorable songs including Lorde’s ‘Royals’, ‘Hollaback Girl’ by Gwen Stefani and Bruno Mars too. One such cover, which sees Brown take on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, has become iconic.

The Beatles are undoubtedly the biggest influence in pop music since, well, since anybody. The fab four are the root of almost everything you hear on the radio, and the majority of their songs have been routinely covered across the globe — likewise for the band members’ solo careers, which are all astoundingly impressive. However, if there’s one song that stands out from the selection of post-Beatles solo material, then Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ might well be it.

Perhaps one of the most covered songs in the history of pop music, ‘Imagine’ ranks neatly as one of the greatest things Lennon ever wrote. Literally millions of people who hold ‘Imagine’ up as a bastion of world peace, free-thinking and progressive behaviour.

It was Lennon setting himself a goal he knew that he would never achieve but simply couldn’t walk away from. It was the former Beatle putting his money where his mouth was and from it, the world has gained one song that manages to unite them all. Whether you’re a Beatles fan or not, Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ has always provided a place of solace for those looking for peace. It’s a notion that Brown could apparently connect with too.

In the footage below, a young perhaps even pre-fame millie bobby Brown delivers a beautiful, stark and unfiltered cover of Lennon’s most famous song. Perhaps the most interesting part of the cover is how it sounds authentic coming from Brown’s position as a comparatively naive youngster.