Release window revealed for season 2 of Netflix’s ‘One Piece’
(Credit: Netflix)


Release window revealed for season 2 of Netflix's 'One Piece'

One of the worst recurring habits of the streaming era is that there’s often extended gaps between seasons of the biggest shows, with two years feeling like an eternity for audiences. One Piece was handed a rapid-fire renewal by Netflix, but it could be a while before the next run of episodes arrives.

The adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s massively popular manga premiered on the platform in August 2023, where it quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest original shows ever. Dislodging a record set by Stranger Things and debuting at number one on the viewership charts in more countries than any other episodic exclusive in the streamer’s history, it wasn’t long before season two was officially confirmed.

It was only two weeks after its debut that One Piece was renewed, and new details have emerged on the production schedule. At the time of its renewal, executive producer Becky Clements shared that the next set of adventures for Luffy and the gang should be arriving on-screen “somewhere between a year and 18 months” from the September 2023 announcement, which appears to remain the case.

According to What’s On Netflix, One Piece season two will begin shooting in June 2024 and rumble on until January 2025, with the schedule roughly equivalent to that of the first run. That places it firmly on course to be released before the end of 2025, although examining the post-production schedules may not offer much in the way of further specificity.

Principal photography on the first season concluded in August 2022, with the eight-episode fantasy swashbuckler arriving on screens 12 months later. In a like-for-like scenario that would indicate One Piece wouldn’t be landing until January 2026 if the schedule was identical, but it stands to reason the process will be quicker second time around.

After all, many of the sets have already been built and will be reused, while the returning cast and crew will be able to instantly get back into the swing of things having become accustomed and acclimatised to the process first time around.

There’s a new co-showrunner on board, too, with Steven Maeda – who also helped develop the series – stepping down but retaining an executive producorial credit. Joe Tracz – no stranger to streaming fantasies having recently served as a writer and co-executive producer on Disney+ hit Percy Jackson and the Olympians – will steer the ship alongside the returning Matt Owens.

All things considered, and 18-month wait isn’t too bad considering Netflix’s track record for taking its time, but for fans of One Piece it’ll still feel like an eternity.