Rainn Wilson once picked his favourite episode of ‘The Office’
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Rainn Wilson once picked his favourite episode of 'The Office’

All The Office fans have their own favourite episodes. From the classic chilli episode called ‘Casual Friday’ of the fifth season episode 26. The scene begins with one of its classic cold opens where Kevin drops his famous chilli while struggling to save it from toppling over. This show is a classic representation of a group of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company office workers based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Personally, my favourite episode is each one of the Dundies. Today we are here to talk about Rainn Wilson.

Each episode covers yet another misadventure from the diverse group of equally awkward and witty individuals. This mockumentary has won the hearts of millions of fans across the globe and continues to be one of the top picks when you need to lighten your mood. 

Amongst stars that became quite dear to us, Dwight remains to be one that stands out just like Michael. Dwight Kurt Schrute III is a fictional character sincerely played by Rainn Wilson. He does a remarkable job portraying the company’s rather odd and different top salesmen. In a recent interview with Newsweek, while promoting his audible true crime series, the devoted actor and comedian brought up his favourite episode from the old classic.

Wilson claimed his favourite one from the fan-favourite series was namely ‘The Injury’. He claimed that this very episode was the one that set a standard tone for the show. The characters were set on their journeys, the ones where you really get to know the characters. He emphasised, “The Injury is the episode where we really found our voice.” 

Wilson continues to elaborate on the episode’s plot where Michael Scott (Steve Carell) accidentally burned his foot on a Geroge Foreman grill. The grill usually stayed under his bed and on through the night. Following that, Dwight gets a concussion, and his personality gets altered for a short while, where he becomes a more likeable version of himself. He even became friends with Pam. 

He added, “The episode is a little bit silly with a lot of our signature awkward, despicable humour,” Wilson said, “but it’s still grounded in the documentary style of the series.” Most importantly, the episode has “a lot of heart.” Need a nostalgic catch-up with the series, tune back in to revisit our favourite Dwight’s concussion and Michael’s need to be taken more seriously. Begin with the trailer here!