‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan van Ness hits back at abuse allegations
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'Queer Eye' star Jonathan van Ness hits back at abuse allegations

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has spoken out against the allegations that were made by Rolling Stone earlier this year. In a lengthy exposé of the “tensions” between the group, Van Ness was labelled “emotionally abusive.”

The hair stylist was also accused of having “rage issues” and being prone to “lash[ing] out” at people on set. They were also described by several anonymous sources within the article as a “monster” and a “nightmare” to be around. 

The show, which began airing in 2018, acting as a reboot of a similar 2003 version, saw Van Ness appear alongside four other “experts”, such as fashion guru Tan France and design/home organisation master Bobby Berk. Van Ness took charge of grooming, focusing on makeup as well as hair. 

Queer Eye has remained incredibly popular since it first aired, running for eight seasons so far. However, the accusations against Van Ness seem to sharply contrast the version of them we see on screen, with Van Ness considered a fan favourite. 

Van Ness has finally addressed the accusations while talking to Jessie Ware on the Table Manners podcast. “There was this article that was written about Queer Eye and myself in March, but our whole Queer Eye family had first learned about this article in December,” they said. 

The news of the piece arrived while Van Ness was facing bankruptcy. They added, “Then, Oh, there’s someone who’s going to write an investigative takedown, exposé piece about you that isn’t really based in reality, but can certainly have a lot of things taken out of context to make you look as bad as possible.” 

Van Ness didn’t go into detail regarding the specifics of the allegations, continuing, “I think a lot of people were looking for a reason to hate me or looking for a reason to be like, ‘See, I always knew that they were a fake c*nt.’” 

Luckily for the television star, they had support from loved ones as the news emerged. “My family was so supportive, and my husband and my team. But I didn’t even get on social media to look at my phone for like three weeks and anytime I tried to dip my toe in, I would immediately see something that was so intensely hurtful.”