‘Queen Charlotte’ dominates Nielsen streaming charts in debut week, sparks surge in ‘Bridgerton’ audience
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Queen Charlotte' dominates Nielsen streaming charts in debut week, sparks surge in 'Bridgerton' audience

In the week of May 1st to May 7th, Netflix’s hit Bridgerton prequel and spin-off Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story claimed the number one position on Nielsen’s streaming charts. Queen Charlotte’s triumphant debut on Nielsen’s US ranking of streaming originals dethroned the previous champion, The Diplomat, another Netflix original. The Diplomat dropped to ninth place this week with 711 million viewing minutes.

The period piece premiered on May 4th and garnered an impressive 1.9 billion viewing minutes within its initial days on Netflix. The six hour-long episodes made it a breezy watch, and that definitely helped it soar up the chart. Like most Shonda Rhimes ventures, this show has also been certified a resounding success, reporting a total of 432.2 million hours viewed and counting.

As of June 1st, the 28-day measurement period for Queen Charlotte came to a close. The final count of viewership for the series will be available next week from Netflix.

During the release week of Queen Charlotte, season one of Bridgerton accumulated 125 million viewing minutes. It marked a threefold increase compared to the recent average viewership for Daphne and Simon’s love story. Nielsen predicts that Bridgerton may reemerge in the top 10 in the coming weeks, as spin-offs often generate interest in previous content within a franchise after viewers have watched the new program.

Netflix dominated Nielsen’s streaming list for the week, with Firefly Lane capturing the second spot with 1.3 billion viewing minutes. The series had a 13% increase in viewership compared to the previous week, according to Nielsen. Sweet Tooth (1.1 billion viewing minutes), A Man Called Otto (879 million viewing minutes), and Cocomelon (759 million viewing minutes) filled out the top five spots on the list. Netflix and Paramount+ shared sixth place with NCIS.

Representing AppleTV+, Ted Lasso secured a spot on the list with 715 million viewing minutes for the week, showing a 10% decline from the previous week.