‘Queen Bees’: The retirement romcom storming Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Queen Bees': The retirement romcom storming Netflix

The Netflix top ten charts often feature the latest blockbusters with A-list actors or action extravaganzas where all things go boom without rhyme or reason. But every now and then, a blast from the past shakes things up.

In 2021, the unexpected underdog capturing hearts was the low-budget retirement community romcom, Queen Bees. The film has quietly climbed the ranks on the streaming giant and causing quite a stir on the streaming platform. 

From seniors engaged in water aerobics to retirement homes full of mean girls, ala the 2004 Mark Waters teen dramedy, the Queen Bees is the corny comedy everyone is watching on Netflix right now.

Directed by Michael Lembeck, Queen Bees unfolds in Pine Grove, a retirement community where 91-year-old widow Helen Wilson (played by Ellen Burstyn) moves in. She faces the challenges of making new friends and finding love. The film humorously explores senior dynamics, as Helen navigates the quirks of the ‘Queen Bees’ clique led by Jane Curtin’s Janet Poindexter. 

With a surprisingly stacked cast, the movie offers a kooky glimpse into the ups and downs of senior living, challenging stereotypes about ageing while delivering cheesy moments, all about connection, growth, and late-life Renaissance.

In addition to Burstyn and Curtin, the film stars James Caan in his final film appearance, along with Ann-Margret, Christopher Lloyd, Loretta Devine, Elizabeth Mitchell, French Stewart, and more.

While Queen Bees touches on the serious side of senior living, with characters facing health issues and the complexities of ageing, it is mostly a lighthearted watch for anyone who wants a little more pink and a little less, gritty sepia on their screens this week. In the end, Queen Bees may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it is quite heartwarming.

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