Prince Harry to shoot Netflix documentary with the Queen
(Credit: BBC)

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Prince Harry to shoot Netflix documentary with the Queen

After spilling the tea about the royal family drama, Prince Harry’s popularity ratings had sunk to the very bottom, right above Prince Andrew’s. The “wayward” Prince Harry is set to make a return to the UK to meet his grandmother, the Queen while being followed by Netflix cameras for the upcoming documentary Heart of Invictus

The Duke of Sussex, 36, has served in Afghanistan twice and is set to lead the plan for the Invictus games for military veterans in Holland. As a part of the $100 million multi-year deal signed between Netflix and his production company, Archwell Productions, that he co-owns with his wife Meghan Markle, the Prince will be filmed throughout. 

He will be leaving Markle back at his £11 million Montecito home with their children Archie, 2, and Lilibet, a baby. At Stanford hall, Harry will most likely be followed by a crew documenting his visits for the Netflix documentary.

Following the game-planning, he is set to visit his grandmother for the weekend, after he is finished giving his speech to the Army at the Nottinghamshire rehabilitation centre. 

Keeping in mind their motto of using the “power of storytelling to embrace our shared humanity and duty to truth through a compassionate lens”, this Archwell productions documentary will focus closely on the Invictus games. 

After serving two terms in Afghanistan, Prince Harry established the Invictus Games in 2013 for the war veterans who had various physical and mental repercussions and disabilities, after being inspired by the very same games taking place in the United States, known as the United States Warrior Games.

It will be a good effort on their part to give an insight into the planning and execution of the game. 

Harry, passionate about the Invictus game, wants everyone to be ready given the cancellation of the last game due to the unprecedented pandemic situation. According to biographer Angela Levin, harry was in a “big rush” to “make changes” and have a “valuable “ contribution as he was sure that soon enough, “George and Charlotte will be hogging all the films”.