Prince Harry reportedly planning new Netflix documentary about Africa
(Credit: BBC)


Prince Harry reportedly planning new Netflix documentary about Africa

It has been reported that Prince Harry is planning a new solo Netflix documentary that will follow a return to his “second home” of Africa, with Meghan Markle absent for the show.

Notably, Harry and wife Meghan have one major deal left since they parted ways with Spotify – a $100 million contract with Netflix. Reportedly, the streaming site is not planning to renew its agreement with the royals when it expires in 2025. Netflix is allegedly “underwhelmed” by the Royal duo’s suggestions for ideas, with one apparently resembling an existing script. Notably, the Wall Street Journal described Harry and Meghan as individuals with “big ideas, subpar execution.”

As per The Sun, sources within Netflix have implied that the couple’s compensation could be withheld unless they start pitching more creative concepts. However, the remainder of the contract’s fulfilment is contingent on the quality of the couple’s ideas, a common procedure for deals of this significance.

Now, it has been claimed in a Page Six exclusive that Harry is planning to return to his beloved Africa for a solo documentary without Meghan. Another source is quoted as saying: “Obviously, Harry has a lot of roots in Africa and he feels at home there.” He has previously described Africa as his “second home”.

The publication claims that it is unclear at this point what exactly the programme will cover, as the ongoing strike of Hollywood writers has meant that Harry hasn’t been able to flesh out any concrete ideas. 

Harry and Meghan’s only documentary for Netflix so far is the eponymous Harry and Meghan, which came out in December last year. Before the candid docuseries, Harry was featured on his own in the Apple TV series about mental health, The Me You Can’t See.

Watch the trailer for Harry and Meghan below.